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Silly Saturday: Wacky Wink

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Flashback Friday: The Cheviot Hills

I haven’t taken us back to New Zealand in a while, and it’s about time.  It was December  1992, and I was driving between Wairoa and Gisborne, on the inland road that passes close to Te Reinga, in the eastern … Continue reading

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Birch blossoms

The river birch is one of our favorite trees, and their buds are now expanding, blossoming, and opening in preparation to release their seeds for another generation.  They look like nothing so much as delicate, yellow-green fluffy caterpillars hanging from … Continue reading

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Creamy Crabapple

I have mentioned in recent posts how much earlier the signs of spring have arrived this year than we normally expect.  I also mentioned, as an example, that our crabapple tree has burst into full blossom more than a month … Continue reading

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Blossoms in the Basin

It’s been unseasonably warm here (the meteorologists are saying that spring is arriving four-to-six weeks earlier than expected), and the national cherry-blossom festival in Washington, DC has already come and gone, but now is when it usually takes place.  I’ve seen some recent posts from … Continue reading

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Foggy Fantasy

One of my fellow photographer friends, Dezra, has been posting some lovely images that reflect her artistic interest in cemeteries, one that I share.  You can view her lastest [here].  She has inspired me to share one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Week-old wildflowers

One week ago today I was in the midst of an eight-day trip to North Carolina to be with my mom (who will have her 101st birthday in April) and my brother and his extended family.  On that Sunday my … Continue reading

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Serenity Sunday: Periwinkle Pals

The weather gods seem determined to scoff at my misgivings regarding the trustworthiness of the beautiful spring weather we’ve been having.  The temperature has been approaching 80°F and is forecast to continue unseasonably warm.  Though I am still skeptical and … Continue reading

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Silly Saturday: Wicked Wink

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Daffodil Debut (Delayed)

I have not had the time to publish a post since last Sunday.  I’ve spent a week with family in North Carolina, and I’ll soon share a few photos from that excursion, but for now, rather than offer another Flashback … Continue reading

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