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Places Remembered: Ngawi

As many of you will know, New Zealand has a very special place in my heart.  Thanks to the wonders of the WordPress web, I have a new photo friend there, who liked a recent post of mine.  She now … Continue reading

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The cloak of autumn slipped away from the shoulders of the morning As the first snow fell today and the geese called out their warning I heard them gathering in the night, collecting courage for their migratory flight And now … Continue reading

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Magical Macrocarpa Medusa

As the autumn progresses, the weather gods have apparently decided that they’ve been nice enough to us, pampering us with warmer-than-normal delights (the temperature rose into the mid-60s here on Thanksgiving Day), and now it’s time to get back to … Continue reading

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Focus: Fabulous Fall Fothergilla

A couple of days ago, in my post “Turning Over an Old Leaf,” I presented some of the results of a study that I made of single autumn leaves, photographed in considerable detail.  One of my followers sent an appreciative … Continue reading

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Turkeys On the Prowl Again

We are fortunate (at least most residents feel that we are) to have a resident flock of wild turkeys in our neighborhood.  They are usually quite secretive, but occasionally they relax their natural caution a bit.  Our street is a … Continue reading

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Turning Over an Old Leaf

As autumn winds its way down to the inevitable delights of winter, my fascination with the fading—but still seemingly limitless—palette of color available to those of us who take the time to look closely is not dampened, but enhanced.  I … Continue reading

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Blue Ridge Retrospective

Autumn is progressing rapidly here in Omaha, and the pleasant struggle to keep up with all the falling leaves is in full swing.  Most—but not all—of the serious color has faded and/or dropped to the ground, but I’m still watchful … Continue reading

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I’ve been following links to the work of other photographers from the websites of some of you who have been so kind as to comment on several of my recent posts, and I’ve seencome across a number of Hallowe’en-related posts.  One … Continue reading

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Oak Leaf Duet—Addendum

I have received many favorable comments on yesterday’s post, Oak Leaf Duet (for which I thank all of you!), and I have been inspired to offer a postscript, mainly through the influence of my severest critic, who greatly prefers to … Continue reading

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Oak Leaf Duet

While wandering around on this beautiful mid-autumn day, I found that a leaf from our enormous pin oak had lodged itself amid the fading foliage of the oak-leaf hydrangea that grows beneath it.  The weather hasn’t turned really cold yet, … Continue reading

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