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Of Spring Snow and Salticids

Today is the fourth day of spring, and I was blessed with two early-springtime events.  The first was obvious as soon as I opened my eyes around 6:15:  It was still dark out, but the room was much brighter than … Continue reading

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As if in response to my recent lamentation about the highly-depressing, mandatory  switch to daylight losing time, the weather gods had pity on me and gave me a perfectlybeautiful today.  The temperature rose above 70°F, the sky was only a  First … Continue reading

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Daylight Losing Time

Last Saturday night we had to spring forward and set our clocks ahead an hour.  I always dread this, because it means that—just when we’ve gotten comfortable with getting out of bed with some actual daylight outside—it gets yanked back … Continue reading

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A summer’s day in mid-winter

Let us contemplate, for a moment, the magic of boarding a plane in the middle of winter and, a day or so later, de-planing on another in the middle of summer.  This is an experience that I have had the … Continue reading

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Wildlife Rehabilitation

I decided recently to take on a new major activity with my skills and my spare time and joined Nebraska Wildlife Rehabilitation (WR), Inc.  During the first meeting that I attended, at its new headquarters, I also decided to sign … Continue reading

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ElderCare and Waterfalls

It’s been a couple of weeks since I offered my last Post, and the main reason is that I’ve been involved in several intensive activities since returning from New Zealand from our holiday visit the rest of the immediate family, … Continue reading

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